Ivory II Studio Grands is Now Available!

The newest Ivory II Collection is here, with an Updated Engine!

Two Exceptional Studio Grands Recorded in Legendary Studios!

Ivory II Studio Grands is a brand new virtual instrument featuring two classic grand pianos ideally suited for studio recording. The 7' scale of these instruments produces the ideal balance of power and tone, and a remarkable treble range so often featured in modern recording. Both pianos maintain the dynamic depth, richness and character Synthogy pianos are known for, making Ivory II Studio Grands the perfect choice for your recording needs.

Steinway Model B Grand Piano Power Station New England - Waterford, Connecticut
The Steinway B is one of the most recorded pianos in history, and one of the most often requested piano models from Ivory customers. It's unique balance of size and power make it extremely versatile instrument for all styles of music. The ideal studio instrument, it's no wonder that Steinway refers to it as "the perfect piano".

This particular Steinway B was hand selected with the kind cooperation of Steinway & Sons® at the Steinway factory in Astoria, New York. One of Steinway's own top concert technicians prepared, regulated and voiced the instrument expressly for the sampling session, and provided on-site tuning throughout the entire recording session.

The recording venue was the classic tuned live room of Power Station NE, a nail for nail acoustic replica of the famed Power Station/Avatar New York. With Mark Donahue engineering the recording, Synthogy's expert team painstakingly captured every nuance of this remarkable instrument in exacting detail.

Bösendorfer 225 Grand Piano Firehouse Recording Studios - Pasadena, California
The Bösendorfer 225 Grand Piano possesses a deeply resonant tone and a balance in all registers that never sacrifices clarity. Slightly longer than most studio grands at 7' 4" and with four additional keys in the bass, this instrument has a distinguished place in the history of recorded music, having appeared on numerous Grammy® winning and Grammy-nominated recordings. The sessions were engineered by Tony Shepperd in the state-of-the-art Studio A at Firehouse Recording Studios in Pasadena, its venerated sound captured in this historic room.

Boasting a 112GB library, Ivory II Studio Grands is the largest Ivory product yet. Each piano includes up to 24 velocity levels, with more release samples, and soft pedal samples for greater sampling detail than any Ivory instrument to date.

Ivory II-Studio Grands also ships with the brand new Ivory 2.5 Piano Engine. This update supports PACE’s machine-based license authorization scheme as well as the traditional PACE iLok™ key. Additionally, the Ivory 2.5 Piano Engine includes new features, such as:

  • Shimmer: unique control over sustain and decay
  • New Half-Pedal Controls
  • Assignable MIDI Controls in the Ivory Standalone App
  • High Resolution MIDI Velocity Response

Ivory II Studio Grands is a free-standing virtual instrument. No previous version of Ivory is required. Of course existing Ivory II owners will find that it installs quite readily into their existing libraries. But whether a first time Ivory II experience or long time Ivory II user, the quality and pedigree of these world-class studio instruments are a must-have addition to your recording or live arsenal.

Suggested retail price: 299.00 USD

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