Announcements 21 February 2024

The Ivory 3 Tutorial

Keyboardist/Ivory Artist Geoffrey Gee provides a comprehensive, in-depth tutorial on every aspect of Ivory 3. Learn how to harness the musical power of this incredible virtual instrument technology!

In The News 17 October 2023


[Boston, MA - October 2023] – Synthogy, the leading audio software company renowned for its award-winning Piano Virtual Instruments, is thrilled to announce the release of Ivory 3 for Windows. Following the successful launch of Ivory 3 for Mac in February, this eagerly awaited expansion brings unparalleled technology and the ultimate virtual piano experience to Windows users.

Ivory 3 German D, the flagship virtual piano instrument from Synthogy, combines the realism of digital sampling with the expressivity of modeling. Powered by the groundbreaking RGB engine, Ivory 3 introduces an unmatched level of technology to the realm of Virtual Instruments. With its remarkable ability to deliver limitless degrees of velocity to timbre, along with the rich and authentic sound of real-world recorded acoustic instruments, Ivory 3 sets a new standard for virtual pianos.

In addition to its innovative features, Ivory 3 offers a range of enhancements, such as Hammer Strength, Multiple Microphone Positions and an on-board Mix Desk, providing powerful sound shaping capability, while ensuring ease of use and complete backward compatibility with Ivory II. This versatile platform empowers pianists and artists of all levels, profoundly enhancing playability, expression, and overall musical experience.

Since its initial release in February, Ivory 3 has garnered widespread excitement across the music industry. Renowned Musical Director & Keyboardist for Billy Joel, David Rosenthal, a long-time Synthogy user and enthusiast, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "Ivory 3 is the most expressive and realistic sounding piano I've ever played. With the new Continuous Velocity, Ivory 3 has the smoothest velocity to timbre response of any piano sample available, period. In a world full of piano samples, Ivory still stands alone."

Synthogy is thrilled to offer Ivory 3 German D for sale, directly via its on-line web shop and through its authorized dealers, granting Windows users the opportunity to experience the unmatched quality and realism of this exceptional virtual piano instrument.

Since its release in February, Ivory 3 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from artists who have marveled at its exceptional performance and lifelike sound. Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied users:

Mike Garson, Pianist/Composer -David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins - “I’ve been using Ivory I and Ivory II for many years and NOW Ivory 3 has gone to a new level!  I highly recommend It!!”

Paul Dillen, Keyboardist/Composer/Producer/Sound Designer, Netherlands "This is the leader of the Ivory pack. It sounds so smooth and subtle! I simply can’t stop playing.  Also the programming options (like the 4-slot mic position matrix) are impressive. It is like playing the real thing, period."

Synth and Software Magazine,

Content Director, Nick Batzdorf, gives an in-depth evaluation of the virtual piano instrument, praising its combination of sampling and modeling technology. Batzdorf describes the instrument as "stunning" and highlights its clarity and power without being brittle or strident. He also notes that Ivory 3 German D sounds "stunningly live," as if a real piano is in the room. According to Batzdorf, the engine blends seamlessly with the recordings to create a satisfying playing experience. He also says that Ivory 3 German D is now the go-to piano instrument in all of his DAW templates, calling it a "remarkable instrument."

In April, at the NAMM 2023 show, Synthogy’s Ivory 3 took part in the first demonstration of MIDI 2.0. Together with Roland Corporation, Synthogy demonstrated the power of MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity. The public had the opportunity to witness a fully functional MIDI 2.0 ecosystem at the MIDI Association booth, featuring a Roland A-88 MKII controller keyboard upgraded with prototype firmware and connected to an Apple Macintosh computer running Logic 10.7.7. This collaboration highlighted the unprecedented musical expressiveness offered by MIDI 2.0, perfectly complementing Ivory 3's RGB Engine and its ability to respond to all 65,536 MIDI 2.0 velocity levels for a seamless timbral progression. The successful collaboration between Synthogy and Roland showcased the spirit of cooperation that has always been fundamental to the MIDI community.

Ivory 3 is now available for WINDOWS AND MAC for purchase directly from Synthogy and its authorized resellers.


Synthogy is the audio software company and product leader in Virtual Instrument Technology, producing the world's most acclaimed and award-winning Piano Virtual Instruments. Best-known for Ivory II Grand Pianos, critically acclaimed as the "Platinum Standard" for Virtual Pianos.


At the heart of Ivory 3 German D is an all new recording of a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. An exceptional concert instrument, this majestic D-274 is characterized by its powerful, deep, resonant bass, and the round, singing tone of its treble. Meticulously cared for, the instrument is also distinguished by its unmistakable clarity and a highly refined balance of tone throughout all registers, a classic example of the beautiful and indelible Steinway® sound.

Announcements 17 October 2023

Introducing Ivory 3 for Windows: The Ultimate Virtual Piano Experience

Synthogy is proud to unveil Ivory 3 for Windows! Following the resounding success of Ivory 3 for Mac earlier this year, we are thrilled to now bring our unparalleled technology and the ultimate virtual piano experience to Windows users.

Experience the incredible realism and musical expression of Ivory 3 German D, powered by the innovative RGB Engine. Prepare to be amazed by its ability to deliver infinite degrees of velocity to timbre, capturing the rich and authentic sound of a world-class Hamburg Steinway® D Concert Grand like never before. Ivory 3 sets the new gold standard for virtual pianos!

Ivory 3 German D is our flagship virtual piano instrument, combining the realism of digital sampling with the expressivity of modeling.  This groundbreaking technology places its remarkable power at your fingertips, providing limitless degrees of tone color and control to shape every musical nuance in your playing.

In addition, Ivory 3 offers a range of innovative new features, such as Hammer Strength, Multiple Microphone Positions, and an on-board Mix Desk, providing powerful sound-shaping capability.  An all-new Graphical User Interface ensures ease of use, while maintaining complete backwards compatibility with all Ivory II piano libraries and presets.

Since its release in February 2023, Ivory 3 has garnered critical acclaim and generated widespread excitement across the music industry.

Nick Batzdorf of Synth and Software Magazine hailed the innovative technology of the RGB Engine and called the results “Stunning”.  He praised the sound quality highlighting its clarity and power without being brittle or strident.  Concluding that Ivory 3 is now his “go-to piano instrument” in all his DAW templates, he called it “a remarkable instrument.”

Sound On Sound writer Robin Bigwood also lauded Ivory 3 in his in-depth review, calling it “a brilliant-sounding, jaw-droppingly responsive Steinway D”.  He was also impressed by the instrument’s versatility across multiple styles of music, and found the “sound quality and responsiveness… addictive.”  He concludes, “Simply, I think sounds and feels absolutely superb.”

Now Windows users may experience the profound musical expression of Ivory 3 for themselves.  Ivory 3 German D is available as a digital download purchase from Synthogy’s on-line web shop, or from any of our authorized resellers around the world. 

Upgrades are available for prior registered owners of Ivory II Grand Pianos.  Please see our website product page for more details, product information and system requirements.

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In The News 25 July 2023

Sound On Sound Magazine Praises Ivory 3 German D in Glowing Review Featured

The world’s premier music recording magazine, Sound On Sound sings the praises Ivory 3 German D in their recent August 2023 issue.  Writer/Keyboardist Robin Bigwood plumbs the depths of the instrument and finds it “a brilliant-sounding, jaw-droppingly responsive Steinway D.”  He was further impressed with the “broad range of sound design options via on-board mixing, EQ and effects and sample manipulation”… hailing Ivory 3 as “your go-to piano for all sorts of jobs”.

Announcements 25 July 2023

Synthogy's Ivory 3 Shines in MIDI 2.0 Debut at NAMM 2023


Synthogy LLC, the industry leader in Virtual Piano Instruments, in conjunction with Roland Corporation recently demonstrated the groundbreaking capabilities of MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity. The historic event took place at the April 2023 NAMM show, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of MIDI.

Artist Spotlight 25 July 2023

Uwe Karcher Performs “Mirror Of The Heart” by Lyle Mays with Ivory 3 German D

Uwe Karcher shares this performance of “Mirror Of The Heart” by Lyle Mays with Ivory 3 German D. Uwe's transcription of this beautiful composition combined with his exquisite touch and musical sensibility make for a wonderful example of the expressive capabilities of Ivory 3!

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