Jordan Rudess: Solo Piano Medley feat. Ivory 3 German D on Saturday NAMM 2023

This spellbinding performance by Jordan Rudess was captured live at NAMM 2023 with Ivory 3 German D. This improvised medley features material from Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment, and thrilled the huge crowd in attendance on day 3 of the show! This recording made direct into Logic running Ivory 3 German D. Rendered to digital audio from the Ivory 3 German D plug-in, no additional processing.

Jordan Rudess is a Grammy-Award winning keyboardist/composer/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. Voted "Best Keyboardist of All Time" by Music Radar Magazine, he is best known for his work with the platinum-selling prog rock band Dream Theater. A master of many styles and many instruments, Jordan is never far from his roots with piano, and has been a prominent Ivory user from day one!

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