Ivory 3 German D – the Synth and Software Review

In the March 2023 edition of Synth and Software Magazine, Content Director Nick Batzdorf provides an in-depth evaluation of Ivory 3 German D, praising the virtual piano instrument's combination of sampling and modeling technology.  "Yes, we really are living in the golden age of music technology." he writes.

Batzdorf describes the instrument as "stunning" and highlights its clarity and power, citing its brilliance of tone without being brittle or strident.  He also notes that Ivory 3 German D sounds "stunningly live", as if a real piano is in the room.  He further highlights the role the new RGB (Real-Time Gradient Blending) engine plays.  "It's not just for flash", he says.  "Everything comes together with the recordings to make this a very satisfying instrument to play"

Batzdorf also found the power and flexibility of Ivory 3's sound sculpting capabilities to be formidable as well as easy to use.  He writes: "It’s very quick to change the sound to make it either more or less round, impactful, bright and punchy (like an Elton John sound) – anything.”

Paying the ultimate compliment, he goes on to compare Ivory 3's realism to the experience of an actual acoustic grand piano, saying:  "Close up, pianos sound like a symphony as sustained notes interact while they’re ringing. And in fact you can hear a lot of the “notes beating against each other” sound in Ivory 3."

He concludes by saying that Ivory 3 German D is now the go-to piano instrument in all of his DAW templates, calling it  "remarkable instrument’’.

Read the full review on-line at Synth and Software Magazine here. 

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