Synthogy's Ivory 3 Shines in MIDI 2.0 Debut at NAMM 2023


Synthogy LLC, the industry leader in Virtual Piano Instruments, in conjunction with Roland Corporation recently demonstrated the groundbreaking capabilities of MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity. The historic event took place at the April 2023 NAMM show, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of MIDI.

As part of this collaboration, Synthogy demonstrated the capabilities of MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity with its latest virtual piano instrument, Ivory 3. The MIDI Association booth showcased a range of MIDI 2.0 prototypes, including a working demonstration of a Roland A-88 MKII controller keyboard, specially upgraded with prototype firmware, connected to an Apple Macintosh computer running the Ventura 13.3.1 operating system and Logic 10.7.7. The keyboard sent high-resolution 16-bit velocity messages to Ivory 3, the latest release of Synthogy's popular piano virtual Instrument. This public demonstration marked the first time a fully functional MIDI 2.0 ecosystem had been showcased to the public. 

MIDI 2.0 offers unparalleled musical expressiveness, and Ivory 3's new RGB Engine is designed to take full advantage of this technology. Ivory 3 is capable of responding to all 65,536 MIDI 2.0 velocity levels, providing a smooth, stepless timbral progression from softest to loudest strikes.

Only weeks prior to the show, in what was an impressive display of collaboration between companies that has always been at the heart of MIDI, Synthogy and Roland worked together to update Ivory 3,  arrange prototypes and firmware upgrades for the A-88 MKII, and enable the first public demonstration during the NAMM Show.  Running with an already published version of Apple’s Logic Pro,  a working MIDI 2.0 ecosystem was made available for all to experience at the MIDI Association booth at the front of Hall A.  

“MIDI has always been about cooperation and collaboration and the first public demonstration of MIDI 2.0 is a great example of MIDI companies from around the globe working together to make something incredible happen” said MIDI Association President and Yamaha MIDI Association representative Athan Billias


Synthogy is the industry leader in virtual instrument technology, producing the world's most acclaimed and award-winning piano virtual instruments. Their latest generation platform, Ivory 3, features the RGB Engine, a technology capable of high resolution, real-time stepless velocity-to-timbre response combined with the realism of digital sampling.


The debut product for the Ivory 3 platform,Ivory 3 German D features all new recordings of a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. An exceptional concert instrument, this majestic D-274 is characterized by its powerful, deep, resonant bass, and the round, singing tone of its treble. Meticulously cared for, the instrument is also distinguished by its unmistakable clarity and a highly refined balance of tone throughout all registers, a classic example of the beautiful and indelible Steinway® sound.


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